Charger Engineering Ltd.

Bottom Line: Quality work at a fair price

At Charger Engineering, we strive to foster a culture of teamwork, guiding our employees to understand that they are accountable for developing their own future. We are always looking to hire the right people with the work ethics and skills required to benefit all of our employees.

Working with Charger

EngineeringWe understand the importance of investing in our employees. That is why all of our team members are offered flexible working conditions, competitive wages, extended benefits, bonuses, and the level of respect they deserve. We also take the time to move people around in the company to ensure that all of our employees are being exposed to new and different opportunities as often as possible.

Current Opportunities


Heavy Steel Press Brake & Related Machinery Operator

Charger Engineering is looking for an experienced heavy steel press brake and related machinery operator to join our team. Please apply by sending your resume to fab@chargerengineering.com

Business Operations Manager

Charger Engineering is seeking a business operations manager for all aspects of day-to-day operations, including but not limited to everything an owner does and working with the owner on transitioning into retirement. Please apply by sending your resume to rob@chargerengineering.com.